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Welcome to One Minute Puzzle, offering a daily brain challenge workout for free!

Below is the daily brain challenge puzzle. Once everything's up and running this will change over daily so be sure to check back soon.

The One Minute Brain Challenge is designed to help you practice and improve your mental calculations. Split into an easy, moderate and advanced challenged, you must solve these puzzles in your head and write down nothing on paper in the time available.

See your improvement over time by seeing how much quicker you get at these over a few weeks, and if you start with the easy don't worry - there is plenty of time to move onto the harder puzzles later, so good luck and enjoy the One Minute Puzzle. If you're not a fan of maths puzzles, then you might prefer to try the Word Puzzles at our sister site, Wordy Puzzle.

Brain Challenge Puzzle
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Once you're done, go through with a calculator and see if you got the right answer... once fully launched we'll automatically link to the solutions each day so you can find out straight away whether you were right or wrong.